Prediction: These Will Be the 3 Biggest Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks in 2030

Prediction: These Will Be the 3 Biggest Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks in 2030


The most prominent AI stocks are anticipated to further expand in the upcoming years.

Nonetheless, the journey might encounter instances of potential upheaval.

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A handful of technology giants could have the inside track to reign at the top a few years from now.

In a span of six years, four months, and six days, we will welcome the arrival of 2030. Given the swift passage of time, this milestone will be upon us sooner than we realize.

Considerable transformations can unfold within this timeframe. Notably, substantial strides in artificial intelligence (AI) are expected. Anticipating the leading AI stocks of 2030, I foresee these three taking the forefront.

1. Apple

At present, Apple (AAPL 1.26%) stands as the globe’s largest company in terms of market capitalization. My projection is that it will continue to retain this premier position in 2030. Notably, I believe that Apple’s endeavors in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) will play a pivotal role in maintaining its top rank.

Admittedly, Apple hasn’t been as prominently immersed in this year’s AI fervor as some others. Its AI-driven assistant, Siri, seems almost outdated when compared to the wave of generative AI advancements catalyzed by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

However, do not underestimate the potential of Apple. The company is heavily invested in the advancement of AI. During the second-quarter conference call, CEO Tim Cook highlighted Apple’s substantial commitment to research and development in areas like generative AI and various other AI technologies. Cook emphasized, “[W]e perceive AI and machine learning as foundational technologies that are seamlessly integrated into virtually every product we create.”

My projection is that Apple’s devices will remain at the forefront of delivering AI solutions to end users throughout the remainder of this decade and beyond. Additionally, I am of the opinion that the company is poised for significant breakthroughs in spatial computing — the intersection of technology and the physical world.

2. Microsoft

Apart from Apple, there’s only one other AI stock with a market capitalization exceeding $2 trillion, and that’s Microsoft (MSFT 0.94%). My inclination is that this Seattle-headquartered company will persist as the second-ranked AI stock in 2030.

Diverging from Apple’s trajectory, Microsoft has occupied a significant position in the AI limelight this year. The company executed a move that, in my perspective, stands out as remarkably shrewd — forging a partnership with OpenAI and committing billions of dollars in investments to the cause.

Microsoft is positioned to secure victories on various AI fronts. Through AI integration, its productivity software holds the potential to enhance users’ efficiency. Moreover, the company’s software development platform is poised to facilitate swifter code development for programmers. I anticipate a significant uptick in the momentum of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, propelled by the integration of its AI tools.

Additionally, AI is expected to be advantageous for Microsoft’s internal development endeavors. This advantage could prove particularly valuable in the realm of gaming, especially considering the impending acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which appears increasingly likely to be finalized.

3. Alphabet

It might come as a surprise that my prediction places Alphabet (GOOG 0.21%) (GOOGL 0.08%) as the third-largest AI stock by 2030. There’s a notion that AI could potentially disrupt Alphabet’s Google Search division, which presently constitutes the majority of the company’s earnings.

However, I’m not entirely convinced of this possibility. In my view, Alphabet has adeptly navigated the initial integration of generative AI into Google Search. Thus far, the company has managed to maintain robust search revenue, despite the growing popularity of ChatGPT and similar extensive language models (as reflected by its impressive stock performance throughout this year).

From my perspective, the likelier scenario is that AI will serve as a substantial and enduring boost for Alphabet. The allure of AI is expected to draw a larger customer base to its Google Cloud division as businesses rush to harness its capabilities. The potential for Alphabet’s self-driving car technology unit, Waymo, is undeniably substantial. AI has already contributed to elevating the company’s advertising revenue, and this trend is likely to persist.

Furthermore, I believe that Alphabet’s proficiency in quantum computing could emerge as a pivotal variable. The company has attained noteworthy milestones in this realm, and it’s plausible that by 2030, quantum computing might become a burgeoning growth catalyst for Alphabet.

How my prediction could flop

Would I find it surprising if my forecast doesn’t materialize? Not particularly.

To illustrate, I can envision Microsoft gaining further momentum and surpassing Apple. Alternatively, it’s possible that Alphabet could unveil game-changing AI innovations in the near future, propelling it higher in the hierarchy. There’s a chance my assumption about AI disrupting Google Search might not hold true.

Moreover, a few other AI stocks could make substantial strides. Amazon, with its colossal cloud services platform, stands as a strong AI contender. Nvidia’s remarkable growth trajectory could potentially persist over the coming years. Cathie Wood’s projections about the robotaxi market might prove accurate, leading Tesla to surge ahead of the competition.

However, at this juncture, my inclination leans towards the prospects of Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet. The verdict on whether I’m correct will unfold in precisely six years, four months, and six days.

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