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Therefore, this communication should be viewed as a entertainment or commercial advertisement only. We have not investigated the background of the hiring third party or parties. The third party, profiled company, or their affiliates likely wish to liquidate shares of the profiled company at or near the time you receive this communication, which has the potential to hurt share prices. Any non-compensated alerts are purely for the purpose of expanding our database for the benefit of our future financially compensated investor relations efforts. Frequently companies profiled in our alerts may experience a large increase in volume and share price during investor relations marketing, which may end as soon as the investor relations marketing ceases. The investor relations marketing may be as brief as one day, after which a large decrease in volume and share price is likely to occur. Our emails may contain forward looking statements, which are not guaranteed to materialize due to a variety of factors. We do not guarantee the timeliness, accuracy, or completeness of the information on our site or in our newsletters. The information in our email newsletters and on our website is believed to be accurate and correct but has not been independently verified and is not guaranteed to be correct. The information is collected from public sources, such as the profiled company’s website and press releases, but is not researched or verified in any way whatsoever to ensure the publicly available information is correct. Furthermore, PRAI Media often employs independent contractor writers who may make errors when researching information and preparing these communications regarding profiled companies. Independent writers’ works are double-checked and verified before publication, but it is certainly possible for errors or omissions to take place during editing of independent contractor writer’s communications regarding the profiled company(s). You should assume all information in all of our communications is incorrect until you personally verify the information, and again are encouraged to never invest based on the information contained in our written communications. The information in our disclaimers is subject to change at any time without notice.

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The Publisher may use various types of media (the “Media”) to disseminate the Information, at its discretion without notice to Recipients. The Information may be published on and/or through any or all the non-exclusive methods below:

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An investment in the Issuers is subject to numerous risks including but not limited to those set forth in this Disclaimer. Some but not all of these risks include:

Ticker Tagging attaches an Issuer’s name and symbol to that of a larger more successful company to create interest. Ticker Tags are click bait to get a reader’s attention so that they click on a link. Information contained in Ticker Tags is not true or complete and its sole purpose is to cause a Recipient to click a link to a webpage so that the Recipient is provided with the Information.

The Campaigns vary between Issuers. Campaigns may consist of dissemination though one or more types of Media while other Campaigns may use one or more different types of Media. Different types of Media may be disseminated at different times to different Recipients. Some types of the Media may be disseminated for longer periods of time than other types of Media. The Media may be coordinated in a manner designed to create an increase in the volume and trading price of an Issuer’s securities for a temporary period of time. You should not consider increases in volume and price of an Issuer’s securities during a Campaign as an indication or measure of value or price.

The Publisher may disseminate the Information multiple times and at different times that are minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months apart. As such, the Information may be viewed by Recipients at different times that are minutes, hours, days or even weeks apart. Typically, the earlier the Recipient receives the Information, the lower the price at which he or she can purchase an Issuer’s securities. As a result, the later a Recipient receives the Information, the more likely it is that the Recipient will suffer increased trading losses if he purchases the securities of an Issuer. Recipients who receive the Information at later times will likely pay prices which are higher than the prices paid by Recipients who receive the information earlier in the Campaign. Temporary volume and price increases will likely result from Recipients buying an Issuer’s securities during the Campaign. If you invest in an Issuer’s securities based upon these temporary volume and price increases, you will likely lose your investment.

PRAI Media does not publish negative information because it is compensated to publish only favorable information. The Information is a one-sided incomplete favorable snapshot and as such, the Information is not balanced, complete, accurate, truthful or reliable. If you rely on the Information in making an investment decision, you will likely lose your investment.

The Information does not include the information necessary to make an informed investment decision. If you rely on the Information in making an investment decision, you will likely lose your investment. If you invest in the Issuers, you should be prepared to lose your entire investment without a change to your standard of living.

PRAI Media receives the Information from the Issuer, Paying Party or other sources such as press releases, stock message boards or websites, the OTC Markets, Google, NASDAQ, NYSE, Yahoo, Bing, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (“SEC”) Edgar database or other available sources. Information derived from these sources should not be deemed to be reliable, true or complete. PRAI Media does not verify or assert the truthfulness, completeness, accuracy or reliability of the Information. PRAI Media conducts no due diligence or investigation of the Issuers or their securities and it does not receive any verification from the Issuers concerning the truthfulness or completeness of the Information. PRAI Media does not review, nor does it have the sophistication or resources necessary to analyze the financial condition, operations, business, management, risks or prospects involved in an investment in the securities of any of the Issuers. If you rely on the Information in making an investment decision, you will likely lose your investment.

Past results of an Issuer do not guarantee future performance. The Information should not be interpreted in any way, shape, form or manner whatsoever as an indication of an Issuer’s future stock price or future financial performance. If you rely on the Information in making an investment decision, you will likely lose your investment.

If the Information states that an Issuer’s securities are consistent with a future economic trend, then it should not be relied upon and should be considered as satire or an error. Even if a Recipient’s own independent research indicates that an Issuer’s securities are consistent with future economic trends, each Recipient should be aware that economic trends have their own limitations, including: (a) that economic trends or predictions may be speculative; (b) consumers, producers, investors, borrowers, lenders and government may react in unforeseen ways and be affected by behavioral biases that PRAI Media is unable to predict; (c) human and social factors may outweigh future economic trends that PRAI Media state may or will occur; (d) clear cut economic predictions have their limitations in that they do not account for the fundamental uncertainty in economic life, as well as ordinary life; (e) economic trends may be disrupted by sudden jumps, disruptions or other factors that are not accounted for in economic trends analysis; in other words, past or present data predicting future economic trends may become irrelevant in light of new circumstances and situations in which uncertainty becomes reality rather than predicted economic outcome; or (f) if the trend predicted involves a single result, it ignores other scenarios that may be crucial to make a decision in the event of unknown contingencies. If you rely on the Information in making an investment decision, you will likely lose your investment.

PRAI Media is not nor is it qualified to act as: (i) an investment adviser or an entity engaging in activities that would be deemed to be providing investment advice that requires registration either at the federal or state level, (ii) a broker-dealer or an individual acting in the capacity of a registered representative or broker-dealer, (iii) a stock picker, (iv) a securities trading or investment expert, (v) a securities researcher or analyst, (vi) a financial planner or one who engages in financial planning, (vii) a party who provides advice about buy, sell or hold recommendations as to specific securities; (viii) a clairvoyant, physic or fortune teller, or (ix) a party or an agent offering securities for sale or soliciting their purchase. References in the Information that refer to a security as a “stock pick” means it is a stock advertised by PRAI Media and is not an indication the Issuer or its securities have been picked, chosen, selected, researched or recommended by PRAI Media or that PRAI Media is qualified to pick, chose, select, research or recommend investments or securities. If you rely on the Information in making an investment decision, you will likely lose your investment.

The Information should only be used, at most, and if at all, as a starting point for a Recipient to conduct a thorough investigation of the Issuer and its securities. If a Recipient relies on the Information in making an investment decision, the Recipient will likely lose most, if not all, of his or her investment. Under no circumstances should Recipients rely on the Information to make an investment decision or for any other purpose. If you rely on the Information in making an investment decision, you will likely lose your investment.

There is a high degree of risk in an investment in the securities of the Issuers. Recipients may encounter difficulties determining what, if any, portions of the Information are material or non-material, making it all the more imperative that each Recipient conducts its own independent investigation of the Issuer and its securities with the assistance of its legal, tax, and financial advisors. Each Recipient is expressly advised to consult with its own financial, legal or other advisers prior to an investment in the securities of an Issuer. Recipients should review with these advisers, the filings and information that may be accessed at sec.gov or www.otcmarkets.com including: (i) reviewing SEC periodic reports (Forms 10-Q and 10-K), reports of material events (Form 8-K), insider reports (Forms 3, 4, 5 and Schedule 13D), and (ii) reviewing Information and Disclosure Statements and financial reports filed with the OTCMarkets.com. Issuers may not be current in their reporting obligations with the SEC and the OTC Markets and/or their securities could have negative legends and designations at otcmarkets.com. Additionally, Recipients and their advisors should obtain and review: (i) publicly available information contained in commonly known search engines such as Google, and (ii) investment guides at www.sec.gov and www.finra.org.

If an Issuer is an SEC reporting company, it could be delinquent (not current) in its periodic reporting obligations (i.e., in its quarterly and annual reports) with the SEC, or if it is an OTC Markets Pink Sheet quoted company, it may be delinquent in its Pink Sheet reporting obligations, which may result in OTC Markets posting a negative legend pertaining to the Issuer at www.otcmarkets.com, as follows: (i) “Limited Information” for companies with financial reporting problems, economic distress, or that are unwilling to file required reports with the Pink Sheets; (ii) “No Information,” which characterizes companies that are unable or unwilling to provide any disclosure to the public markets, to the SEC or the Pink Sheets; and (iii) “Caveat Emptor,” signifying buyers should be aware that there is a public interest concern associated with a company’s illegal spam campaign, questionable stock promotion, known investigation of a company’s fraudulent activity or its insiders, regulatory suspensions or disruptive corporate actions.

Recipient’s use of the Information is at its own risk. The Information is provided “as is” with no warranties of any type, without limitation. PRAI Media is not responsible or liable for any person’s use of the Information or any success or failure that is directly or indirectly related to such person’s use of the Information because PRAI Media has specifically stated that the information is not reliable and should not be relied upon for any purpose including an investment. PRAI Media is not responsible for omissions or errors in the Information and PRAI Media is not responsible for actions taken by any person who relies upon the Information. PRAI Media makes no warranty or representation about the Information, including its completeness, accuracy, truthfulness or reliability. PRAI Media disclaims, expressly and implicitly, all warranties of any kind, including whether the Information is complete, accurate, truthful, or reliable.

The Publisher, the Paying Party or other service providers including stock promoters and advertisers (“Selling Parties”) could receive free-trading securities of an Issuer: (i) as compensation, (ii) in private or open market transactions at prices lower than the market price or price paid by Recipients, and/or (iii) in open market transactions before, during and after the Campaigns. Selling Parties may sell their securities of an Issuer at any time during the Campaigns, even while PRAI Media publishes the Information instructing or encouraging Recipients to purchase securities of the Issuer. When Selling Parties sell their securities, the volume and trading price of the Issuer’s securities will likely decline. This will reduce the price at which Recipients can sell their securities and likely cause Recipients to suffer trading losses. Selling Parties may sell securities of the Issuers for less than the target prices set forth in the Information and Selling Parties may profit by selling its securities during the Campaigns while Recipients have a loss.

When Selling Parties acquire, purchase or sell the securities of an Issuer, it could (i) cause significant volatility in the Issuer’s securities; (ii) if purchasing, cause temporary but unrealistic increases in volume and price of the Issuer’s securities; and (iii) if selling, cause the Issuer’s stock price and trading volume to decline dramatically resulting in Selling Parties making substantial profits while Recipients who purchase during the Campaign experience significant losses.

The Campaigns are designed to increase the trading price of the Issuers’ securities by encouraging the Recipients of the Information to purchase an Issuer’s securities despite that the securities may not be a good investment, and the trading price of the Issuer’s securities will dramatically decline when the Campaign ends. If you rely on the Information in the Campaigns when making an investment decision, you will likely lose your investment.

If the Issuer’s trading price increases during the Campaign, it is likely the result of buying activity caused by the Campaign and such increase does not reflect the Issuer’s prospects, financial condition or an increase in the value of the Issuer’s securities. If you rely on this buying activity when making an investment decision, you will likely lose your investment.

If Selling Parties hold or are compensated in improperly free-trading securities of the Issuers, either directly or indirectly, the Selling Parties and the Issuer could be subject to an SEC Enforcement action, including allegations of an illegal distribution in violation of Section 5(a) and 5(c) of the Securities Act which could cause you to lose your investment.

PRAI Media may hire service providers to disseminate the Information about the Issuers and PRAI Media may not have control over such parties. PRAI Media does not verify the Information it receives from any party or information disseminated by other service providers. As such, you should not rely on the Information when making an investment decision.

The Information may contain statements asserting that an Issuer’s stock price has increased over a certain period of time which may reflect an arbitrary period of time, and such statements are not predictive or of any analytical quality. As such, Recipients should not rely on the Information as an analysis of the present or future potential of an Issuer or its securities. If you rely on the Information, you will likely lose your investment.

If any percentage gain of an Issuer’s securities from the previous day’s close is included in the Information, it is not and should not be construed as an indication that the future stock price or future operational results will reflect gains or otherwise prove to be advantageous to an investment in an Issuer. If you rely on the previous day’s close as an indication of performance, it could cause you to lose your investment.

Past results of an Issuer do not guarantee future performance. The Information should not be interpreted in any way, shape, form or manner whatsoever as an indication of an Issuer’s future stock price or future financial performance.

Recipients should consider the securities of the Issuers as high risk, unstable, unpredictable and illiquid which may make it difficult for Recipients to sell any securities of the Issuers that they purchase. During the Campaign the trading volume and price of the securities of each Issuer will likely increase significantly. When the Campaign ends, the volume and price of the Issuer will likely decrease dramatically. As a result, Recipients who purchase during the Campaign or as a result of the Campaign will probably lose most, if not all, of their investment.

PRAI Media’s publication of the Information involves actual and material conflicts of interest including but not limited to the following:

PRAI Media receives monetary and/or securities compensation in exchange for disseminating the Information about the Issuers.

PRAI Media only publishes favorable information about the Issuers and does not publish any negative information about the Issuers.

The Paying Parties likely hold securities of an Issuer which they acquired from the Issuer, affiliate or non-affiliate shareholders or from its own open market purchases before, during or after the Campaign. The Paying Parties may have acquired these securities for services or at prices lower than that paid by Recipients. The Paying Parties may sell these securities during the Campaign while PRAI Media publishes the Information recommending that Recipients purchase. Selling by a Paying Party will likely cause Recipients who purchase securities of any of the Issuers to suffer losses.

No Recommendations, Offerings, Advice, or Solicitation, Paid Advertising

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