Unforgettable VIP Group Experiences in Miami Before 2023 Ends!

Unforgettable VIP Group Experiences in Miami Before 2023 Ends!

Miami is a city synonymous with luxury and indulgence, a place where the lavish lifestyle reigns supreme. In this playground of the rich and famous, it’s no surprise that Lavish by LauLau, the ultimate concierge and event planning service, has become a household name. For tourists and locals alike, Lavish by LauLau offers an unparalleled ticket to Miami’s most exclusive experiences, from event stadium suite rentals to VIP access at the city’s hottest games and concerts.

With a city that hosts world-class events year-round, having a guide to navigate the Miami scene is essential. Lavish by LauLau takes the stress out of planning your Miami adventures and ensures you enjoy every moment in the lap of luxury.

October Upcoming Available Events

Lavish by LauLau is delighted to offer exclusive discounted rates for October’s hottest events. Don’t miss your chance to live the lavish lifestyle in Miami.


10/17 The 1975 – $3,899

Catch the iconic band The 1975 live in concert at the Kaseya Center. Lavish by LauLau offers exclusive access to prime seating and VIP treatment, ensuring you experience the concert of a lifetime.

10/21 I Heart Radio: Fiesta Latina – $2,499

Dance the night away at the I Heart Radio: Fiesta Latina event in true VIP style. Lavish by LauLau makes it possible for you to join the party with unbeatable offers.

10/22 Alejandro Fernandez – $3,899

Savor an unforgettable night at the Alejandro Fernandez concert, surrounded by sheer luxury. Lavish by LauLau’s event suite rentals guarantee an evening of glamour and music that will stay with you forever.

10/28 Carlos Vives – $299 per ticket (Only 12 tickets left!)

For the avid fans, Lavish by LauLau is offering an exceptional deal on Carlos Vives tickets. Don’t miss the chance to see this iconic artist in action. Act fast – only a few tickets remain!


November in Miami promises thrilling games and Lavish by LauLau ensures you don’t miss a moment.

11/19 Dolphins vs Raiders – $19,499

There’s no better way to enjoy a Dolphins game than from the comfort of a luxurious Lavish by LauLau suite. With 16 tickets, 4 parking passes, and food & soft drinks included, this is the ultimate football experience.

For entrepreneurs, millionaires, and those who appreciate the finer things in life, Lavish by LauLau is your gateway to Miami’s most extravagant events. Lavish by LauLau caters to a discerning clientele who understand that every experience should be marked with excellence.

Why Choose Lavish by LauLau?

In the realm of luxury event stadium suite rentals, Lavish by LauLau stands out. Their dedication to creating unforgettable moments and their unmatched attention to detail make them the go-to choice for anyone seeking to elevate their Miami experience.

Miami’s elite flock to Lavish by LauLau for a reason. Their dedication to marketing, advertising, and branding has elevated them to the top of their industry. Their knowledge and connections in the Miami scene are unrivaled, allowing them to offer access to sold-out events and the city’s most coveted luxury suites.

Miami is a city of opulence, and Lavish by LauLau provides the key to unlock its treasures. With a net worth of unforgettable experiences, Lavish by LauLau invites you to indulge in the lavish lifestyle. So, don’t miss out on the upcoming events – book your Lavish by LauLau experience today and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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