Watch - "Philadelphia Has Fallen": Teens Loot US Apple Store In Mad Frenzy

Watch – “Philadelphia Has Fallen”: Teens Loot US Apple Store In Mad Frenzy

New Delhi: Approximately 20 adolescents have been apprehended, and two firearms have been retrieved following an incident in which a group of minors unlawfully entered stores in the US State of Philadelphia on Tuesday, according to a report. Following reports of widespread thefts at establishments such as the Apple Store, Footlocker, and Lululemon, the Philadelphia police initiated a crackdown.

By the early hours of Wednesday morning, law enforcement had verified the apprehension of approximately 15 to 20 individuals involved in the thefts, and they had seized at least two firearms. Videos circulated on social media platforms, including X (formerly known as Twitter), illustrate scenes of numerous masked looters overrunning retail establishments like Lululemon, the Apple Store, and Footlocker, as reported by Fox News.

Footage from a ransacked Apple Store reveals iPhones and iPads strewn across the presentation tables. Fox News disclosed that a significant number of the pilfered Apple devices were ultimately left behind because of their built-in security measures.

As per law enforcement, between 15 to 20 people have been apprehended in connection with the looting incidents. Viral online videos depict stores being overwhelmed by unruly crowds. The initial reports of break-ins near Rittenhouse Square emerged shortly after 8 pm, following the dispersal of peaceful protesters who had assembled at City Hall to demand justice for Eddie Irizarry. Mr. Irizarry was fatally shot by a Philadelphia police officer just last month.

Nonetheless, senior Philadelphia police officer John Stanford emphasized that Irizarry’s backers were not involved in the disturbances that occurred on Tuesday night.

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