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Il Pellicano: Little Italy’s New Culinary Jewel

Nestled in the heart of Little Italy, on 149 Mulberry Street, a new culinary sensation has emerged, captivating the palates of celebrities and the upper class alike. Il Pellicano, with its blend of traditional and modern Italian cuisine, has quickly become a hotspot destination for those seeking an authentic taste of Italy.

At Il Pellicano, the focus is on providing high-quality, thoughtful dishes that showcase the essence of Italian gastronomy. From classics like cacio e pepe to innovative Italian tapas such as grilled polpo, every dish is crafted with care and precision, reflecting the culinary expertise of Executive Chef Saul Medina.

The restaurant’s bar list is equally impressive, offering innovative spins on classic cocktails and boasting a meticulously curated wine selection. Whether indulging in a perfectly crafted Negroni or savoring a glass of fine Italian wine, guests are sure to find something to delight their senses.

Despite being open for only a month, Il Pellicano has already made waves in the culinary world, thanks in part to the success of its sister restaurant in Fairfield, Connecticut, which boasts two Michelin stars. With such a stellar reputation preceding it, Il Pellicano is poised for nothing short of excellence.

Recent guests at the restaurant include luminaries such as Laura Sylvia and Jeremy Fragrance, further solidifying its status as a magnet for the elite. Laura Sylvia, CEO / Founder of Lavish by LauLau concierge and Lavish Looks swimwear brand, brought in models to add to the ambiance, while Jeremy Fragrance infused the air with his signature scents such as Office for Men and Day for women, enhancing the dining experience for all and generously gifting these scents to the models in attendance and the man behind the scenes of it all, Giuseppe.

The culinary journey at Il Pellicano is nothing short of extraordinary, with each dish leaving a lasting impression on the palate. Highlights from the menu include the unforgettable Fried Oyster dish, expertly paired with a crisp lettuce crunch for a burst of freshness. The Potato Gnocchi Gratine, adorned with tallegio and fontina cheese sauce, white truffle oil, and crispy speck, elicits an instant dopamine effect with every bite. For those seeking a truly indulgent experience, the Olive Oil Flight offers a selection of three styles of Monini single harvest olive oil imported straight from Italy, perfectly paired with freshly baked bread.

And for those seeking a truly exclusive experience, reservations at the restaurant’s downstairs speakeasy, Bijoux, are a must. With its intimate ambiance and expertly crafted cocktails, Bijoux offers a glimpse into a bygone era of glamour and sophistication.

In a city known for its culinary prowess, Il Pellicano stands out as a beacon of excellence, offering a sublime dining experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. As word continues to spread about this hidden gem in Little Italy, securing a reservation at Il Pellicano may soon become one of New York’s most coveted experiences.

Il Pellicano hours of operation: 12-10pm everyday
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