Lavish by laulau models at event in miami

Models Shine in Spectacular Gold at Undressgod’s Art Exhibition

Previously seen models from Lavish by LauLau events (Hunter, Ariel, LauLau, Adrianna far right)

Miami, FL – The enchanting allure of Miami’s art scene recently witnessed a dazzling display of talent and creativity when models took the spotlight at Undressgod’s grand art exhibition. The event, held on the 26th of October, Thursday, opened its doors at 8 pm, and the show commenced promptly at 9:30 pm. The venue, located at 766 SW 1ST CT, Miami, Brickell, was transformed into a masterpiece in itself, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Golden Transformation:

One couldn’t help but be captivated as the models from Lavish by LauLau became living works of art, each painted entirely in gold. This striking transformation was a testament to the fusion of fashion and art, highlighting the extraordinary collaboration between Lavish by LauLau and Undressgod. Previous Lavish Models in photos include Hunter, Ariel, Adrianna, Alaria – not pictured – with LauLau in center.)

A Night of Art and Extravaganza:

The exhibition featured a multitude of art installations and captivating experiences:

  • Boxing Art with @bek_toychuev: The art of boxing came to life with Bek Toychuev’s live art, adding a dynamic element to the evening.
  • MMA/UFC Art with @charlie_decca: Charlie Decca’s work brought the world of MMA and UFC into vivid reality, mesmerizing the audience.
  • Skateboarding Art Special Guest: An unexpected treat for the senses, the special guest’s live art transported guests into the thrilling world of skateboarding.
  • Lavish Model Performers as Live Art: Lavish by LauLau Models took center stage, delivering breathtaking live art performances that left the audience in awe.
  • Venetian Plaster Showcase: The classic elegance of Venetian plaster was showcased in a contemporary context, offering a unique perspective on interior design.
  • @AmazonHome Product Debut: Guests got a sneak peek into Amazon Home’s latest products, adding an element of modernity to the artistic atmosphere.
  • Unveiling the Collaboration with Coach: Undressgod’s collaboration with the iconic fashion brand Coach was revealed, celebrating the union of art and high fashion.
  • Painting of Undressgod’s Heart: A poignant and symbolic moment, the painting of Undressgod’s heart left a profound impact on all in attendance.

Lavish by LauLau’s Integral Role:

Lavish by LauLau played a pivotal role not only by adorning the models but also by extending their expertise in event marketing. Their extensive network and reach were harnessed to promote the entire series of events presented by Undressgod across various studios in Miami over eight weeks with a great surprise to having many returning guests from previous Lavish events.

A Glimpse into the Future:

The collaboration between Lavish by LauLau and Undressgod at this spectacular art exhibition serves as a testament to the fusion of fashion, art, and creativity. As Miami’s art scene continues to evolve, this event was a shining example of the city’s vibrant and dynamic cultural landscape.

With the models glistening in gold and the art installations leaving an indelible mark on attendees, it’s evident that this exhibition was not just an event; it was an immersive experience. The memory of this unforgettable night will continue to inspire art enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike.

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Photo Media Credit: Micky Vice

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