Experience the Magic of a Micky Vice Photoshoot in Miami

Experience the Magic of a Micky Vice Photoshoot in Miami

In the heart of Miami’s pulsating art and fashion scene, an unlikely encounter ignited a chain of events that would showcase the sheer opulence and beauty this city has to offer. It all began on a pristine Miami beach, where renowned photographer Micky Vice witnessed a solitary lady striving to capture the perfect beachside photo. Recognizing an opportunity to work his photographic magic, he approached her, and the rest, as they say, is history.

A Chance Encounter:

Picture this – a lone beachgoer, phone in hand, struggling to capture the essence of Miami’s sun-soaked beaches. Micky Vice, a maestro behind the lens, could not stand idly by. His discerning eye, honed over years of capturing Miami’s beauty, told him he could create something truly remarkable. With a simple question – “May I assist you with those photos?” – he set in motion a chain of events that would define lavishness.

Little did they know that this serendipitous meeting on the beach would lead to a jaw-dropping photoshoot that would capture the essence of Miami’s opulence.

Lavish Assets:

After their chance encounter, the lady, known as Clari 2.2 millon on Tik Tok and 524k on Instagram, was left utterly impressed by Micky Vice’s ability to bring out her beauty through his lens at different venue locations. She was enthralled by the prospect of a photoshoot with the photographer extraordinaire and his promise to showcase Miami’s lavish assets. Her enthusiasm led Micky Vice to reach out to Laura from Lavish by LauLau to arrange a photoshoot with Lavish Looks swimwear and venue ideas that would redefine lavishness such as choosing the Key Biscayne Light House and Miami Design District.

Setting the Scene:

On October 24th, 2023, the Lavish Micky Vice Photoshoot began. The chosen location? Key Biscayne, the island of the elite, the paradise of the beach lovers. And the star of the show? A sleek blue Mustang, emblematic of Miami’s luxury car culture. Clari, adorned in the latest Lavish Looks bikini, a micro red ensemble adorned with gold rhinestones on detailed ring links on top and bottoms, was ready to take the fashion world by storm. PURCHASE HERE

A Lavish Collaboration:

The photoshoot was not just about capturing Clari’s allure but also about showcasing Miami’s extravagant lifestyle. Clari’s Lavish Looks bikini, perfectly styled with iconic fashion items like the Gucci getaway bag, Prada sunglasses, a chain necklace, and a Louis Vuitton backpack, was a testament to Miami’s fashion-forward attitude.

From Key Biscayne’s sun-kissed beaches to the stylish streets of the Miami Design District, the photoshoot was a journey that brought together the beauty of the ocean and the allure of high-end fashion. A stop at Tacombi restaurant in the Design District provided the perfect setting for a taste of Miami’s culinary delights, a testament to the city’s vibrant food scene.

A Captivating Result:

The outcome of the Lavish MICKY Vice Photoshoot was nothing short of astounding. A total of 1,222 photos captured the essence of Miami’s opulence, combining the skills of a master photographer and the grace of a captivating model. The photos didn’t just depict a beautiful woman but also the extravagance and allure of Miami’s finest brands.

From Balenciaga to Gucci, Prada to Nike, to of course Lavish Looks by LauLau, each brand found its place in the narrative that MICKY Vice masterfully crafted.

In this age of influencers, Instagram, and TikTok, Miami’s lavish lifestyle is more captivating than ever. And it’s no surprise that MICKY Vice and Lavish by LauLau have made it their mission to showcase this allure. Their photoshoot isn’t just an event; it’s an experience, an invitation to indulge in Miami’s lavish offerings.

So, for those who yearn to witness the magic of Miami, brought to life through the lens of MICKY Vice and the extravagant touch of Lavish by LauLau, it’s time to book your very own photoshoot. Step into the world of luxury, where beachside beauty meets Miami’s extravagance – and let MICKY Vice and Lavish by LauLau make your experience truly lavish. Don’t miss your chance to be part of Miami’s most opulent narrative!

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