Lavish by LauLau’s Exclusive Model Casting Call Unveils Glamorous Opportunities at Lavish Villa Bond

Lavish by LauLau’s Exclusive Model Casting Call Unveils Glamorous Opportunities at Lavish Villa Bond

In a dazzling event that left the Miami fashion world abuzz, Lavish by LauLau, the epitome of sophistication and glamour, hosted an exclusive model casting call at their breathtaking new Villa property – a haven designed for photoshoots, events, and short-term rentals through the Lavish company’s CEO / Founder Laura Sylvia, present to cast her brand’s new faces. The January 27th, 2024, event was a magnet for models of all ages, sizes, colors, and heights, promising the chance to become the face of Lavish events spanning from Miami and NYC to LA and beyond.

The Lavish Villa Bond in North Miami Beach played host to an unforgettable occasion that embodied inclusivity and style. Lavish by LauLau warmly welcomed male and female models, inviting them to showcase not only their physical attributes but also their unique style and positive attitude – key ingredients to becoming the next sensation in Lavish’s glamorous world.

Event attendees had the opportunity to explore the Lavish Villa Bond, a property meticulously crafted for photoshoots, events, and luxury short-term rentals. The Villa, with its stunning backdrop, set the stage for an event that promised to be more than just a casting call – it was an entry into the glamorous world of Lavish by LauLau.

The casting call itself was a departure from the norm, offering models a chance to showcase their skills in a quick and fun walk – inside the gorgeous villa. The promise of being selected for Lavish events worldwide added an air of excitement, attracting not only models but also designers and photographers eager to collaborate with the outstanding talents on display.


As attendees gathered at Lavish Villa Bond on that sunny afternoon, the air was filled with anticipation. Models, adorned in their favorite bikinis or swim trunks, added a vibrant touch to the luxurious setting.

The event wasn’t just a chance for models to shine; designers and photographers were also encouraged to seize the opportunity to collaborate with Lavish’s outstanding models. A synergy of creativity and talent was on display, with designer and artist Undressgod present and Lavish Photographers @michaelallenovaart @sekswilsonphoto @mickyvice_ and @iamvirtuoso in attendance.

One standout offer during the event was the opportunity for models and photographers to purchase a special photoshoot pass, granting access to Lavish’s renowned photoshoot opportunities throughout the entirety of the event. With photoshoot sessions typically priced at $350 an hour at this exclusive venue, the Lavish Discount of only $150 for the entire event was an irresistible deal. (Photoshoot and rental bookings done through

The Villa Bond is located in North Miami Beach close to Duffy’s Sportsbar, with a waterfront backyard, equipped with a lounge area, grill, hot tub and pool, dock space for up to 65’, it’s own 45’ yacht and cars that can be added to make your deal more Lavish, among a full time housekeeper/chef. There are 5 bedrooms available to use among 4.5 bathrooms, an elevator for ease of access, and surround sound throughout the house.

For a preview of the Lavish Villa Bond and the photoshoot opportunities it offers, the public is encouraged to visit Lavish by LauLau’s YouTube page. The event also included a brief casting, with selected models asked to stay for potential photoshoot opportunities to showcase the potential the home has to offer.

Lavish by LauLau’s commitment to creating a glamorous world was seamless throughout the event, with the promise of becoming part of their exclusive roster of models and collaborators creating a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) for those who couldn’t attend.

For those looking to secure their spot in Lavish by LauLau’s glamorous world, visit or explore Lavish Looks by LauLau at Subscribe to Lavish by LauLau on YouTube and Follow on Instagram @lavish.bylaulau, and @lavishlooks.bylaulau to stay updated on future events and opportunities to shine in the world of Lavish. Don’t miss the chance to let your unique style shine in the spotlight! ✨

Photo Credit: Seks Wilson

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