The Future is Immersive: Showcasing Lunar Art Legacy at Art Basel

The Future is Immersive: Showcasing Lunar Art Legacy at Art Basel

Miami, FL – 2023 – With Miami Art Week’s impending takeover of the city, BitBasel’s annual event should be a must see on everyone’s list.  In an unprecedented collaboration BitBasel has teamed up with Art With Me, Meet The Drapers, and EVOKE Immersive Technologies, to announce an exclusive VIP Networking Event, “The Future is Immersive” on December 5th, 2023, at the National Hotel, Miami Beach. This evening is set to become a landmark at Miami Art Week 2023, showcasing the rarest art in history destined for the moon, alongside world-class technology, art, elite networking, and a live episode of “Meet The Drapers – Miami.”

An Evening of Exclusivity, Vision, and Lunar Legacy:

This exclusive event promises to be a convergence of industry leaders and visionaries. It offers a unique opportunity to network with influential figures and visionaries, including connections to “The Drapers.” The atmosphere will buzz with innovative ideas and ground-breaking conversations.

Lunaprise Moon Museum Art Showcase:

In a historic showcase, BitBasel and Space Blue will present the Lunaprise Art Auctions, featuring historic pieces, including physical and NFT (Digital Collectibles), with twin certified copies destined for the Lunaprise Moon Museum. This unique collection is part of the CryptoArt for Impact initiative, embarking on a momentous journey to the moon aboard the Lunaprise mission in January 2024. The event will support important art science foundations and missions, making each art piece a part of history.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Night of Celestial Art and Innovation:

Mark your calendars for December 5th and secure your Exclusive VIP ticket. Experience an evening that promises to redefine networking in the most innovative and inspiring setting, witnessing the first-ever showcase of Lunaprise artwork during Art Basel.

For more information and to reserve your spot at this exclusive event, please visit

About BitBasel:

BitBasel is at the forefront of the intersection of art and technology, championing innovative approaches to digital art and fostering a community of creative and technological excellence.

About Art With Me:

Art With Me, an international experience festival, embraces art, dance, play, the planet, gastronomy, and wellness, striving to harness the power of creative arts for positive change.

About Meet The Drapers:

‘Meet the Drapers’ is a riveting TV show hosted by VC legend Tim Draper, showcasing visionary entrepreneurs in a competition for a life-changing investment.

About EVOKE Immersive Technologies:

Evoke Marketplace bridges digital and physical realms, offering innovative experiences in the phygital world.

For more images and information please contact Betancourt PR Nick Betancourt 78.287.1725 

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