China’s Emphasis on Sincerity in Potential Xi-Biden Meeting

China’s Emphasis on Sincerity in Potential Xi-Biden Meeting

In a rapidly evolving global diplomatic landscape, the potential meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Joe Biden is a matter of significant interest. Recent developments have underscored the importance of sincerity in fostering constructive relations between the two nations. President Biden expressed disappointment over Xi’s absence at the G20 summit in India, hinting at the significance of such interactions. In this article, we delve into the implications of China’s emphasis on the United States demonstrating “sufficient sincerity” for a possible meeting between the two leaders.

Setting the Stage: Biden’s Expression of Interest

The narrative begins with President Biden’s expression of disappointment regarding President Xi’s absence from the G20 summit in India. He did, however, add that he was optimistic about “getting to see him” in the near future. This statement set the stage for discussions surrounding a potential meeting between these two influential leaders.

China’s Security Agency’s Perspective

China’s top security agency, the Ministry of State Security, has offered valuable insights into the dynamics of a potential meeting between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden. The agency emphasized that the United States must demonstrate “sufficient sincerity” to make such a meeting a reality. This assertion highlights China’s expectations for a meaningful and constructive dialogue.

Past Meetings: Bali and Beyond

The Ministry of State Security referenced the last meeting between Presidents Biden and Xi on the sidelines of a G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, in November the previous year. This reference underscores the historical context of their interactions. While the statement did not explicitly mention the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, which is another potential platform for dialogue, it suggests that China’s expectations are rooted in the past interactions between the two leaders.

Agency’s Influence on Diplomatic Engagements

An intriguing aspect of this situation is whether the Ministry of State Security, as China’s primary intelligence agency, has any influence over President Xi’s considerations regarding diplomatic engagements. Understanding the agency’s role in shaping China’s foreign policy can provide valuable insights into the dynamics of China’s decision-making process.

The Role of Premier Li Qiang

In parallel, Premier Li Qiang is scheduled to lead a delegation to a G20 summit in New Delhi. This development appears to confirm that President Xi will not be attending the summit. Premier Li’s role in this context and China’s strategic decision to send him in lieu of President Xi underscore the evolving dynamics of China’s diplomatic engagements.

U.S. Strategy Towards China

The Ministry of State Security’s statement also sheds light on China’s perception of the United States’ strategy towards their nation. It characterizes the U.S. approach as dual-natured, simultaneously inviting competition with China while seeking to control that competition. This dual strategy has implications for the nature of their interactions and negotiations.

Contentious Issues and Chinese Resilience

Despite recent statements from U.S. officials indicating no intention to curb China’s development or “decouple” from it, several contentious issues persist. These include the approval of arms sales and military financing to Taiwan, concerns regarding Tibet, disputes in the South China Sea, and open criticism of the Chinese economy. The Chinese state security ministry’s response underscores China’s resilience in the face of these challenges.

China’s Determination

China’s stance reflects its determination not to be swayed solely by diplomatic niceties. It emphasizes that China remains vigilant in the face of obstacles, containment efforts, and suppression by the United States. This determination is a key factor shaping China’s response to the evolving dynamics of the China-U.S. relationship.

U.S. Perspective: Raimondo’s Visit

The U.S. perspective on this matter is equally significant. U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, who recently visited China, stated that the United States does not seek to decouple from China. However, she also conveyed concerns raised by U.S. companies, who view China as “uninvestible.” This perspective highlights the challenges faced by businesses operating in China and the potential consequences for the world’s second-largest economy.

China’s Call for Action

China has consistently called upon the United States to take “practical and beneficial actions” to maintain bilateral ties. The emphasis on practicality and mutual benefit reflects China’s stance that words alone are insufficient to foster constructive relations.


The potential meeting between Presidents Xi Jinping and Joe Biden represents a critical juncture in China-U.S. relations. China’s insistence on sincerity underscores the need for substantive dialogue and actions that reflect the interests of both nations. As the world watches, the outcomes of these diplomatic interactions will undoubtedly shape the future of global politics and economics.

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