Darby Energy and Eagle Natural Resources Join Forces to Unlock Potential in Kazakhstan's ARIS Region

Darby Energy and Eagle Natural Resources Join Forces to Unlock Potential in Kazakhstan’s ARIS Region

In a significant move in the energy sector, Darby Energy, Inc., a private oil and gas company based in Irvine, CA, has announced a strategic partnership with Eagle Natural Resources, LLC (ENR). This collaboration is geared towards capitalizing on the initial phase of Darby’s ARIS site in the Kizilordinskoy Region of South Kazakhstan. This joint effort is facilitated by a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two entities.

The ARIS Site: A Gateway to Growth

Darby Energy recently acquired a Kazakhstan-based entity holding a concession license for the ARIS site, granted by the Ministry of Power and Minerals of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The 25-year extendable concession license, coupled with a pending extension, positions Darby for substantial growth in the region and the global oil and gas marketplace. Kazakhstan, renowned as a top oil and gas producer globally, boasts an investor-friendly legal infrastructure, emphasizing adherence to the rule of law to attract foreign investment for the development of its oil and gas industry.

Arman Rakhimzhanov, Director & COO of Darby’s wholly-owned subsidiary in Kazakhstan, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We are extremely pleased to be granted this tremendous opportunity and to collaborate with ENR in exploring the ARIS region. Initial geological studies and seismic testing indicate significant recoverable oil and gas resources within the concession. We are confident that the ARIS site holds substantial opportunities for exploration and eventual commercial production for both local and international markets.”

Strategic Location: South Kazakhstan’s Kizilordinskoy Region

The Kizilordinskoy Region, with its robust infrastructure for refining and transporting production, serves as a crucial exploration asset. Leveraging preexisting transportation and commercialization infrastructure, Darby Energy is positioned to unlock the full potential of the ARIS site. Chief geologist and former Alaska Oil and Gas Commissioner, Dan Seamount, noted the exceptional nature of the Arys Concession, surrounded by three world-class oil and gas productive basins. Seamount emphasized the presence of two major exploration targets: the sub-salt and the supra-salt, both holding promising potential for oil and gas production.

Expert Insights: Unlocking the ARIS Site’s Potential

According to Dan Seamount, after new seismic studies and exploratory drilling, there is a tremendous opportunity to develop a profitable exploration and development program for this world-class Concession. The region’s unexplored basin, surrounded by productive basins, coupled with existing local infrastructure, adds an exciting dimension to the exploration prospects.

Darby and ENR: A Shared Vision for Success

Darby Energy, Inc. anticipates a fruitful collaboration with Eagle Natural Resources, LLC as they embark on this exciting venture. Together, they aim to contribute to the sustainable development and growth of the energy sector in the South Kazakhstan region.

About Darby Energy, Inc.

Darby Energy, Inc. stands as an independent oil and gas exploration firm, actively engaged in hydrocarbon exploration in South Kazakhstan’s ARIS Region. For more information, visit www.darbyenergy.com.

About Eagle Natural Resources

Eagle Natural Resources is an independent oil and gas asset acquisition and management company, boasting a growing portfolio of income-producing assets and developmental drilling inventory in Texas, Oklahoma, and the Gulf Coast Region. Their acquisition model focuses on proven producing fields, ensuring immediate cash flow and future upside through additional drilling and development. Learn more at www.eaglenaturalresources.com.


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