The Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for Men and Women Over 45

The Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for Men and Women Over 45

Are you over 45 and feeling sluggish, gaining weight, moody, having low libido, or even having financial loss? These could all be signs of going into andropause if you are a man or menopause if you are a woman. Many of these symptoms can be caused by a hormonal imbalance, and to fix it, you should get your hormones checked by a bioidentical hormone replacement specialist.

By getting a hormone check, the specialist will be able to identify if the cause for the low testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid levels is due to a hormonal imbalance or some other underlying health issue. Once they know the cause, they can correct the issue and may recommend bioidentical hormones in the form of creams, pellets, or injections. Bioidentical hormones are naturally derived from plants, and are not synthetic, which according to studies, seems to make them safer to use than some of the traditional synthetic hormone replacement treatments.  For women, prior to starting any hormone therapy, a mammogram and uterus and ovarian ultrasound would be done to get a baseline study and to make sure no pre-existing cancers exist.  For men, a baseline PSA and other testing should be done as well.

“Using bioidentical hormones can help to reduce fatigue and improve energy levels, as well as improve mood, appetite control, and libido. This can lead to increased productivity in the workplace and can even lead to financial gain if you are more aggressive and assertive in your business dealings. Moreover, bioidentical hormones can also help to improve bone and muscle health, making it easier for you to stay active”,- Commented Dr. William Gibbs, a wellness specialist, who specializes in medical weight loss management, hormone replacement therapy, skincare and aesthetics, sexual wellness, and regenerative medicine.

One of the primary benefits of using bioidentical hormones is that they can help to reduce inflammation. It can be beneficial for those suffering from autoimmune diseases, as well as reducing the risk of developing certain cancers. Additionally, bioidentical hormones can help to maintain a healthy cholesterol level, reducing the risk of heart disease. By keeping hormone levels balanced, bioidentical hormones can also help to reduce the risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s, as well as improve brain health.  For more information about bioidentical hormones, you can visit

As you can see, bioidentical hormone replacement is a safe and natural way to treat the symptoms of andropause and menopause, as well as improve your overall health. If you are over 45 and feeling any of the symptoms listed above, make sure to get your hormones checked by a bioidentical hormone replacement specialist to get your life back on track.

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