Navigating the Realm of Road Ecology: Insights from Ben Goldfarb’s ‘Crossings’

Navigating the Realm of Road Ecology: Insights from Ben Goldfarb’s ‘Crossings’

Author Ben Goldfarb shares a profound exploration of road ecology in his latest book, “Crossings.” With roads spanning an astonishing 65 million kilometers across the globe, the impact on wildlife is staggering. Goldfarb introduces us to the dedicated scientists committed to understanding the ecological repercussions from an animal’s perspective. Through riveting anecdotes, he sheds light on innovative strategies to mitigate the harm caused by roads.

Roads: A Global Network Posing Environmental Challenges

The expanse of roads, projected to double by 2050, is penetrating even the remotest corners of our planet. This expansion comes at a high price, with a million vertebrates estimated to succumb to collisions daily in the United States. Additionally, roads disrupt migration routes and compromise pristine habitats, causing indirect harm to wildlife.

Unearthing the Roots of Road Ecology

Ben Goldfarb’s foray into road ecology commenced in 2013 during a reporting assignment on habitat connectivity. A visit to wildlife crossings in northern Montana, guided by Marcel Huijser, a prominent road ecologist, proved to be profoundly inspiring. This experience ignited a sense of ecological empathy, prompting Goldfarb to delve deeper into this field, vastly different from his prior work on beavers.

Spotlight on Lesser-Known Species in Road Ecology

The evolving landscape of road ecology now focuses increasingly on smaller, often overlooked creatures such as reptiles, amphibians, insects, and fish. These less charismatic species bear the brunt of road-related harm, making them pivotal in road ecology studies.

Unveiling the Silent Peril of Road Noise

A revelation from Goldfarb’s exploration is the detrimental impact of road noise pollution. This silent threat poses a significant public health crisis, elevating cortisol levels, blood pressure, and susceptibility to cardiovascular issues. It underscores the urgent need for awareness and intervention.

Roads and Climate Change: A Comparative Analysis

Drawing parallels between roads and climate change, Goldfarb emphasizes the necessity of systemic solutions. Shifting the onus from individual drivers to overarching corporate structures is pivotal. Solutions range from implementing wildlife crossings to enhancing mass transit systems.

Roads as Agents of Oppression: A Critical Perspective

Goldfarb astutely acknowledges the historical and present-day oppression inflicted by roads, particularly on Black and brown communities. These transportation networks have been instrumentalized to segregate and marginalize, underscoring the need for equitable and inclusive urban planning.

Roads: A Canvas of Possibilities

Contrary to the perception of roads as irreversible fixtures, Goldfarb contends that change is possible. Initiatives by organizations like the Forest Service to decommission ecologically detrimental roads exemplify this potential. Moreover, cases like the planned removal of an urban freeway in Syracuse signify a commitment to rectifying historical injustices.

Ben Goldfarb’s “Crossings” illuminates the intricate interplay between roads and ecology, offering a compelling narrative that challenges conventional perspectives on transportation infrastructure. Through meticulous research and captivating anecdotes, Goldfarb presents a compelling case for reimagining our roads as pathways that coexist harmoniously with the natural world.

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