Reshuffling in Spanish Women’s Soccer: Coach Jorge Vilda Dismissed Amid Unwanted World Cup Kiss Controversy

Reshuffling in Spanish Women’s Soccer: Coach Jorge Vilda Dismissed Amid Unwanted World Cup Kiss Controversy

In a significant development in the realm of Spanish women’s soccer, Jorge Vilda, the head coach of the Spanish women’s soccer team, has been relieved of his duties. This decision is a part of the far-reaching changes unfolding in Spanish soccer following the controversial incident involving Luis Rubiales, the president of the country’s soccer federation (RFEF), and forward Jennifer Hermoso during the Women’s World Cup final. This article delves into the details of these events and their repercussions.

The Unwanted Kiss Controversy

The controversy that led to Jorge Vilda’s dismissal stems from an unsettling incident involving Luis Rubiales, who forcibly kissed Jennifer Hermoso during the Women’s World Cup final. Rubiales has since offered an apology for his actions and characterized the kiss as “mutual.” However, Jennifer Hermoso vehemently denied this, asserting that her boundaries were not respected in the situation. FIFA, the global governing body of soccer, has imposed a 90-day suspension on Rubiales while disciplinary proceedings are ongoing.

Jorge Vilda’s Departure

Amidst the turmoil caused by the unwanted kiss incident, the RFEF has decided to part ways with Jorge Vilda, who played a pivotal role in the growth of women’s soccer in Spain. Vilda’s tenure witnessed remarkable achievements, including Spain’s World Cup victory and an elevation to second place in the FIFA rankings. The RFEF expressed appreciation for his contributions, both as the sporting director and coach of the women’s national team, roles he took on in 2015.

Restructuring Underway

The decision to dismiss Jorge Vilda is one of the initial steps in a restructuring process announced by interim President Pedro Rocha. It marks a significant turning point in Spanish women’s soccer, as the federation seeks to navigate the aftermath of the controversial incident and shape a new direction for the sport in the country.


The dismissal of Jorge Vilda, against the backdrop of the unwanted World Cup kiss controversy involving Luis Rubiales, underscores the profound changes taking place in Spanish women’s soccer. While Vilda’s contributions to the sport are acknowledged and celebrated, the federation is determined to chart a new course that prioritizes respect and dignity for all participants. As the restructuring efforts continue, Spanish women’s soccer looks toward a future that upholds the values of equality and professionalism.

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