Kyiv Attackers of Ukrainian Woman Are Alleged Russian Operatives Hiding In Plain Sight

Kyiv Attackers of Ukrainian Woman Are Alleged Russian Operatives Hiding In Plain Sight 

Promenade Café in Kyiv French Quarter -2 allegedly tied to Ukrainian politicians and operated by Elizaveta Prokopova according to sources in meeting point for Pro Russian Criminals and Saboteurs from Donetsk.

On May 28, 2023, several young drunk men who regularly sit around a local Kyiv dinercalled the Promenade Café, located at 57 Predslavinska Street in the French Quarter-2 residential complex in Kyiv brutally attacked a Ukrainian woman. 

 The incident was featured repeatedly in Ukrainian new, and led to a petition from U.S. former Senators and Congressmen, American business leaders and White Ribbon Foundation USA and its Ukraine affiliate.  The politicians and businessmen asked for President Zelensky’s swift action and for the administration to request an investigation into corruption, sabotage and systemic violent activity.  According to sources, this is not the first time that associates of Elizaveta Prokopova attacked people and caused fights and violence.  Many of the alleged pro-Russian men most likely have fake medical documents to avoid conscription.  They are most likely also paying off the local police.

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  • Elizaveta Konstantinovna Prokopova – Co-founder of the Promenade Café and assistant-consultant to Valeriy Aleksandrovich Dubil, a member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
  • Natalya Alexandrovna Prokopova – Co-founder of the Promenade Café.
  • Vladislav Shevchik – alleged Russian criminal from Donetsk who brutally attacked a Ukrainian woman.
  • Ukrainian Politician – an unnamed Ukrainian politician is alleged to be the associated with the Promenade Café and both Prokopovas.
  • Volodymir Grigorievich Pidlisniy aka “Vova Dimitrevsky” – Low level Donetsk Gangster and alleged Russian saboteur encouraged the attack.

Widespread Issue of Corruption and Abuse of Power in Ukraine persist.

This incident reflects a larger, deeply concerning trend of abuse of power and corruption within Ukraine. Such incidents are indicative of a systemic problem where members of the Parliament and their affiliates feel empowered to act with impunity, trampling the rights and dignity of Ukrainian citizens. It is also curious how Russian supporters are able to openly sit around and drink and insult and attack Ukrainians while the country is dealing with a debilitating and escalating war and conscription.  Why aren’t the Donetsk gangsters in the military or why have they not been questioned by SBU?

The Ukrainian population is already under immense pressure due to ongoing conflict with Russian aggression; they should not have to simultaneously fight against the tyranny and corruption of their own officials. This is an untenable situation for any citizenry. Moreover, how is it that Ukrainian people are putting up with the savage traitors, who seem to act with impunity?

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