Biden Set to Arrive in Delhi for Crucial G20 Summit: What’s on the Agenda?

Biden Set to Arrive in Delhi for Crucial G20 Summit: What’s on the Agenda?

United States President Joe Biden is scheduled to touch down in New Delhi on Friday, embarking on a significant visit that encompasses a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and active participation in the G20 Leaders’ Summit. The White House has confirmed that Biden’s itinerary will feature an official reception and handshake with Prime Minister Modi on Saturday, followed by his engagement in the G20 Leaders’ Summit. Subsequently, he will pay homage at the Raj Ghat Memorial to Mahatma Gandhi on Sunday before proceeding to Vietnam.

India at the Helm of G20 Presidency

India assumed the presidency of the G20 in December, heralding a series of discussions spanning 32 critical sectors. These deliberations will culminate in the gathering of world leaders from the 20 largest economies.

Ahead of Biden’s arrival, his national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, acknowledged the challenge of achieving a unanimous consensus on the Ukrainian issue within the G20 framework. He expressed reservations about Russia, represented by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the Summit, altering its stance. Sullivan underscored that a majority within both the United Nations and the G20 opposed Russia’s “illegal invasion” of Ukraine. President Biden is anticipated to vocally condemn Russia’s military campaign, emphasizing its profoundly adverse ramifications. He will advocate for a resolution in alignment with the UN charter, international law, and the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Contentious Ukrainian Discourse

Both Moscow and Beijing have expressed reservations about endorsing the language established during the previous summit in Bali pertaining to Ukraine. This reluctance has cast a shadow over the likelihood of a joint communique emerging from the summit. When questioned about India’s stance on the conflict, Sullivan clarified that India had committed to the statement.

US Commitment to G20: A Tool for Economic Recovery

Sullivan underscored the United States’ unwavering dedication to the G20 as a platform to yield substantive outcomes in the midst of unprecedented global economic upheaval. He linked the American agenda at the Summit with President Biden’s domestic economic policy, emphasizing a surge in domestic investments. The NSA emphasized the US’s fervent pursuit of an ambitious reform agenda for multilateral development institutions, with particular emphasis on enhancing the scope and effectiveness of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

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