What Are the Different Types of PR?

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What Are the Different Types of PR?

There are different types of public relations (PR), but they all have the same goal: to improve the public image of a company or organization. The different types of PR can be divided into three categories: strategic communications, media relations, and community relations.

  1. Strategic communications are the umbrella term that encompasses all the other types of PR. This includes developing a communication plan, setting goals and objectives, and measuring the results of the PR effort.
  2. Media relations is the practice of securing media coverage for a company or organization. This can be done by pitching story ideas to journalists, arranging interviews, or sending out press releases.
  3. Community relations is the practice of building relationships with the community. This can be done by organizing events, volunteering, or working with local organizations.
  4. Internal communications are the practice of communicating with the employees of a company or organization. This can include holding meetings, sending out newsletters, or posting on the company intranet.
  5. Crisis communications are the practice of managing communication during a crisis. This can include issuing a press release, holding a press conference, or issuing a statement to the media.
  6. Public Affairs is the practice of communicating with government officials. This can include lobbying, testifying before Congress, or working with the media.
  7. Online and social media communications are the practice of using the internet and social media to communicate with the public. This can include creating a website, maintaining a blog, or posting on social media sites.

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