G&I Spirits’ Mis Amigos Takes the Flavored Tequila Industry by Storm, Eyeing US Expansion

G&I Spirits’ Mis Amigos Takes the Flavored Tequila Industry by Storm, Eyeing US Expansion

Miami, FL— In a resounding achievement, G&I Spirits’ brand, Mis Amigos, claimed the Silver Medal in the Flavored Tequila category at Access Live in Orlando, Florida on April 2, 2023. This triumph, achieved early in their US journey, has ignited excitement within the company and highlights their ambition to establish a foothold in the Flavored Tequila market. G&I Spirits, renowned for their success in the United Kingdom, is now poised to captivate the American palate with their unique offerings and ready-to-enjoy cocktails.

Seizing Opportunities and Garnering Acclaim: G&I Spirits’ recent participation in the Sea Trade Cruise Global, catering to the Cruise Industry, and Access Live, organized by the Wholesale Spirits and Wine Association (WSWA), has solidified their confidence and validated their strategic direction. Mike Alladina, VP of Sales, Americas, expressed his satisfaction with the shows, proclaiming that they have set the stage for the brand’s expansion into the United States. Exciting announcements are expected to follow, along with the potential addition of star power to the Mis Amigos brand.

Flavors to Delight: G&I Spirit Group, USA is set to introduce their indulgent Strawberry, Chocolate, and Coffee flavored Tequilas in 700ml expressions, with Chocolate Lime, Mango & Passion, and other enticing flavors currently in the pipeline. The flavored Spirits market, particularly Tequila, is experiencing exponential growth, predicted to reach $50 billion in the USA by 2028. G&I Spirits aims to position themselves as the pre-eminent producer of flavored Spirits, ready to capitalize on this thriving market.

Versatility and Luxe Appeal: Mis Amigos Flavored Tequilas boast remarkable versatility, enticing consumers to shoot, sip over ice, or explore their potential as a luxurious dessert ingredient. These tantalizing spirits can be poured over cakes, drizzled on ice-cream, or mixed into creative cocktails, elevating the overall drinking experience. Paired with toppings, whipped cream, fruits, and chocolates, Mis Amigos Flavored Tequilas exude a sense of opulence and offer an unrivaled indulgence.

88: Crafting Mixology in a Flash: Addressing the demand for convenient mixology, G&I Spirit Group introduces their ready-to-enjoy cocktails under the brand name “88.” These cocktails cater to those seeking creative drinks that require a simple splash of mixer and garnishes. With 88, consumers can enjoy mixology-grade drinks in a fraction of the time it takes to create similar concoctions, without compromising on taste or quality.

Connect and Explore: G&I Spirit Group’s social media accounts, including Instagram profiles @misamigostequila and @gi_spirit_group, serve as a hub of inspiration. Here, followers can discover recipes and creative ideas to make the most of G&I Spirits’ offerings. Additionally, for more information, visit their website at https://www.gi-spiritgroup.co.uk.

About G&I Spirit Group: Born in 2020 amidst the pandemic, G&I Spirit Group is a spirited team of bartenders and cocktail innovators driven by passion and energy. Drawing inspiration from their customers and over 4,000 retail points across the United Kingdom, G&I Spirit Group delivers drinks that embody the spirit of fun. With their Miami office now established, the company is gearing up to launch their initial range in the USA, Canada, and Caribbean markets under the guidance of Mike Alladina.

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