Biden Expresses Disappointment Over Xi’s Absence from G20 Summit

Biden Expresses Disappointment Over Xi’s Absence from G20 Summit

President Joe Biden conveyed his disappointment on Sunday regarding the absence of Chinese President Xi Jinping at the upcoming summit of G20 leaders to be held in India. Nevertheless, Biden hinted at the prospect of an impending meeting with Xi.

“I am disappointed … but I am going to get to see him,” Biden shared with reporters in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, offering no further details on the matter.

The President is slated to embark on a visit to India from September 7th to 10th to participate in a summit involving leaders of the Group of 20 nations. Following this engagement, he will journey to Vietnam, reflecting his administration’s pursuit of fortifying U.S. relations across the Asian continent.

When questioned about his upcoming trip, Biden responded affirmatively, expressing his anticipation with a simple, “Yes, I am.”

Biden expressed a desire for enhanced coordination during this visit, emphasizing the mutual interest of both India and Vietnam in forging closer relations with the United States, a development that holds the potential for substantial benefits.

On Monday, Beijing officially confirmed that Premier Li Qiang will lead the Chinese delegation to the summit in New Delhi, effectively indicating Xi’s non-attendance.

China’s spokesperson, Mao Ning, articulated Beijing’s aspirations for the summit, highlighting its objectives of consolidating consensus, fostering confidence, and advancing development.

In light of Xi’s absence from the G20 summit in India, the possibility of a meeting between the two leaders in the context of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conference in San Francisco in November has surfaced. However, it is important to note that no official arrangement for such a meeting has been finalized as of yet, as conveyed by two administration officials to NBC News last week.

This development underscores the intricate dynamics of international diplomacy and the significance of high-level meetings between world leaders, particularly in the context of global forums like the G20. The anticipation of interactions between President Biden and President Xi continues to be a focal point of global attention and speculation.

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