Amazon’s Ambitious Plan: Doubling Same-Day Delivery Facilities

Amazon’s Ambitious Plan: Doubling Same-Day Delivery Facilities

Amazon, the e-commerce giant known for its speedy deliveries, is taking bold steps to maintain its reputation for fast service. Less than a year after acknowledging excess warehouse space, the company plans to expand its real estate footprint by doubling the number of same-day delivery centers in the next two years. The move comes as Amazon seeks to sustain its customer base’s interest in its Prime subscription amid changing consumer demands. However, the aggressive expansion might raise concerns among investors due to potential upfront costs. This article explores Amazon’s strategic move to enhance same-day delivery and its impact on the company’s bottom line.

From Overcapacity to Rapid Expansion

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a surge in demand for delivery services, prompting Amazon to invest heavily in warehouse space to keep up with the increased orders. However, by 2022, the pandemic-induced delivery boom subsided, leading to overstaffing and mismatched space relative to demand. This resulted in substantial costs, amounting to $2 billion compared to the previous year. Consequently, Amazon had to close warehouses and abandon planned new builds.

Embracing Same-Day Delivery

Amazon’s relentless pursuit of speed has been evident throughout its history. From offering two-day delivery through its Prime service in 2005 to making next-day delivery the gold standard, the company now places its focus on same-day delivery. The company’s same-day delivery centers are significantly smaller than traditional warehouses and are strategically located near major metropolitan areas. These centers stock the 100,000 most-popular items on Amazon. Once an order is received, the requested product is shipped out within an impressive average of 11 minutes.

Balancing Speed and Upfront Costs

While Amazon’s push for speed may delight customers, investors might be more cautious about the associated upfront costs of expanding same-day delivery facilities. Building new centers and maintaining a decentralized logistics network can be capital-intensive. Globaldata analyst Neil Saunders highlights that Amazon needs to demonstrate to investors how this expansion will ultimately benefit the company’s bottom line. Convincing investors about the long-term profitability of the plan might be crucial for Amazon’s success in this endeavor.

Amazon’s rapid pace has drawn attention from regulatory bodies. The company’s home state of Washington has issued four fines to Amazon since 2021, all of which are under appeal and subject to legal scrutiny. These fines are being closely examined in an ongoing trial. Despite the challenges and legal hurdles, Amazon remains committed to maintaining its quick delivery services.


Amazon’s decision to double its same-day delivery facilities reflects its determination to uphold its reputation as a fast and reliable service provider. The expansion into smaller same-day sites near urban centers is aimed at offering swift delivery to its customers. However, the upfront costs and potential investor skepticism present significant challenges. Balancing speed and profitability will be a critical factor in Amazon’s success in this ambitious endeavor. While the company’s rapid expansion faces legal scrutiny, it remains steadfast in its commitment to provide timely deliveries and meet customer expectations.

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