Hope Shines for Hollywood Studios as Tentative Agreement Signals Possible End to Writers’ Strike

Hope Shines for Hollywood Studios as Tentative Agreement Signals Possible End to Writers’ Strike

After enduring five months of disruption due to a protracted writers’ strike, Hollywood studios are finally glimpsing a potential return to normalcy with a tentative deal reached with striking screenwriters. This development has brought a collective sigh of relief to major studio owners, including Warner Bros Discovery, Paramount Global, Walt Disney, and Netflix, as their shares rallied between 0.5% and 2.3% in premarket trading. While this promising breakthrough offers hope, it’s important to note that productions may still face delays as Hollywood actors remain on strike.

Details of the Tentative Deal:

The tentative agreement, reached between the union representing approximately 11,500 film and television writers and the group representing the studios and streaming companies, marks a significant step towards resolving the strike. While specific details of the three-year deal have not been disclosed, it awaits approval from the leadership of the Writers Guild of America and union members to officially bring an end to the strike.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that even with approval, a full return to normalcy in productions will take time, given the ongoing strike by Hollywood actors represented by SAG-AFTRA. This union, comprising 160,000 film and television actors and media professionals, initiated the strike in July, pressing for higher wages and safeguards against the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Implications for Studios and Streaming Services:

Market analysts and industry experts are optimistic that the tentative deal with writers may also pave the way for studios and streaming services to address actors’ demands effectively. As the strike continues to impact the pipeline of content for both big and small screens, stakeholders in the industry are eager to see negotiations progress.

Investors in media companies have been closely monitoring the financial implications of the strike. Initially, it led to increased cash flows due to reduced expenditure, but it has now begun to erode earnings. Companies like Warner Bros Discovery have already projected a potential hit of up to $500 million in full-year adjusted core profit due to project delays stemming from the disruptions.

While shares of affected companies, including Paramount, Disney, and Netflix, have seen declines ranging from 20% to 45% since the start of the strike, the broader S&P 500 index has experienced a nearly 5% increase over the same period.

Key Terms of the Agreement:

Reports indicate that the tentative agreement encompasses provisions for heightened royalties, mandatory staffing for television writing teams, and safeguards against the utilization of artificial intelligence. While this new deal may result in a modest increase in expenses for studios, historically, payments to writers for TV shows and movies have represented less than 5% of revenue, according to Craig Huber, an analyst at Huber Research Partners.


The potential resolution of the writers’ strike signifies a significant turning point for the entertainment industry. As studios and streaming services navigate through these negotiations, there is cautious optimism that a dual resolution with actors may be on the horizon. The industry is eagerly anticipating the return of normalcy in productions, recognizing that the creative engine of Hollywood plays a vital role in captivating audiences on both big and small screens.

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