Miami’s Little Haiti Gets a $5 Million Boost in Battle Against Gentrification, Thanks to Captain Haiti Foundation

Miami’s Little Haiti Gets a $5 Million Boost in Battle Against Gentrification, Thanks to Captain Haiti Foundation

Miami, FL – In a significant move to address Miami’s housing crisis and the ongoing gentrification impacting the Haitian community, the Captain Haiti Foundation has announced a groundbreaking partnership with the Dargent Group on May 16, 2023. The collaboration brings forth a $5 million fund aimed at empowering community members to acquire real estate in Miami’s vibrant Little Haiti neighborhood. Leveraging the power of blockchain technologies, the initiative seeks to foster a thriving community while preserving the cultural legacy of the area.

The Captain Haiti Foundation is releasing a limited edition geo-located music-NFT during Haitian Heritage Month, offering collectors first-option rights to purchase any property acquired through the $5 million fund. This unique opportunity empowers the community to own land, family homes, and commercial real estate, enabling them to build real estate equity.

Individuals can secure priority access to real estate in Little Haiti by donating $18.04, supporting the Foundation’s mission to ensure the neighborhood’s cultural spirit thrives for future generations. By embracing the power of music NFTs, the initiative aims to emancipate the community while engaging in a groundbreaking collaboration.

Adam Place, founder of NUSIC, a web3 music infrastructure provider, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are delighted to support Captain Haiti’s mission to emancipate the community of Little Haiti through the power of music NFTs & thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking collaboration.

In addition to combatting gentrification, the Captain Haiti Foundation aims to raise $300,000 for beautification efforts in Little Haiti. Thirty percent of the funds raised will contribute to community cleanups, public art installations, and the greening of the Little Haiti Walls. Historical murals highlighting Haiti’s global contributions will also be created, fostering tourism and cultural exchange to support local businesses.

Nandy Martin, Chairman of the Captain Haiti Foundation, emphasized the transformative potential of the Little Haiti Walls initiative, saying, “By achieving just 5% of Wynwood’s Wall success, our Little Haiti Walls initiative could attract 150,000 tourists annually, stimulating local businesses and amplifying cultural exchange.

To secure first-option rights to purchase real estate in Little Haiti, interested parties can visit

About Captain Haiti Foundation The Captain Haiti Foundation is a 4947(a)(1) Charitable Trust that leverages blockchain technologies to help Haitians build equity in their communities. Through partnerships and various initiatives, the Foundation works to unite Haitian refugees worldwide through decentralization. For more information on the Captain Haiti Foundation, visit, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

About Dargent Group LLC Dargent Group LLC is a private equity firm specializing in Cryptocurrency, Commercial Real Estate, Stocks, Metaverse Real Estate, Foreign Exchange Currencies, Blockchain Companies, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Energy and Metal Commodities, and Renewable Energy. For more information on the Dargent Group, please contact Adina Aaron at (786) 303-4748 or

About Nusic Nusic empowers artists to release music into Web 3 on their own terms, under their own brand, and for their own community. As a leading provider of Web 3 infrastructure, Nusic enables musicians to tap into the decentralized financial rails that power the next generation of the internet. For more information on Nusic, please contact Adam Place at +44 7399 748778 or

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