How CoinRoutes Software is Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Trading for Institutional Investors

Finance by: Valentin Saitarli
How CoinRoutes Software is Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Trading for Institutional Investors

CoinRoutes, the market-leading algorithmic crypto trading platform, secured a $16 million series B funding round led by Ayon Capital. This investment helped CoinRoutes bring its innovative platform to institutional investors, allowing them access to the same level of trading technology that professional traders have been using for years.

This investment is part of an ongoing success story for CoinRoutes. Since its launch, the platform has saved traders across the world more than $50 million in fees. With its algorithmic trading capabilities, CoinRoutes enables traders to execute trades more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

In order to ensure that traders get the best out of their crypto trading software, CoinRoutes CEO David Weisberger has a few pieces of advice.

1. Choose a platform that can be easily integrated with existing trading software. CoinRoutes’ algorithmic trading capabilities are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing systems, making it easier to transition from manual to algorithmic trading.

2. Make sure the platform is secure. CoinRoutes has implemented a comprehensive security system to ensure the safety of its users’ data.

3. Select a platform that is user-friendly. CoinRoutes is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing traders to get started quickly and efficiently.

4. Look for a platform that provides a wide range of asset classes. CoinRoutes allows traders to access a variety of asset classes, including major cryptocurrencies, altcoins, and derivatives.

5. Test out the platform before committing. CoinRoutes offers a free trial period to all users, allowing them to test out the platform and get an idea of what to expect when they switch to algorithmic trading.

These tips from David Weisberger can help traders make an informed decision when choosing a crypto trading software. With its market-leading algorithm and secure infrastructure, CoinRoutes is an ideal choice for those looking to get the most out of their trading experience. To get the best out of your crypto trading, we recommend giving CoinRoutes a try.

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