Franchise Revolution: How Jon Smith Subs is Driving Diversity in Business Ownership and Transforming the Industry

Franchise Revolution: How Jon Smith Subs is Driving Diversity in Business Ownership and Transforming the Industry


Date: March 17, 2023 Location: Pensacola, Florida

Jon Smith Subs, with its commitment to quality and innovation, is changing the landscape of the franchise business under the leadership of new CEO Robert Cvetkovski. The company’s dedication to providing the best sub sandwiches has led them to select the finest quality meats and cheeses for their customers, setting them apart from competitors. The theory of sourcing locally grown fresh produce, baking their own bread daily, butchering/marinading their steak and chicken daily, as well as slicing their cheese daily guarantees a level of freshness no one in the market can compete with.  

Jon Smith Subs is one of the most diverse minority-owned businesses in the country, with 10 out of 40 locations being Black-owned, Indian-owned, or woman-owned. This commitment to inclusive franchising is a testament to the company’s core values and vision for the future.

The Pensacola location, a fully woman-owned and operated company, exemplifies the spirit of diversity and inclusion that Jon Smith Subs strives for. The company has been around for 40 years, with the original 15 locations remaining in business in West Palm Beach since 1988.

Under CEO Robert Cvetkovski’s leadership, Jon Smith Subs is expanding and reaching new milestones. Under his new direction towards elevating your sub sandwich experience, he has been able to grow sales to 62% more than the previous year. Currently, the company has 10 new locations under construction and 80 signed locations looking for leases. This rapid growth is indicative of the company’s strategic planning and dedication to success.

To support this growth and encourage a diverse range of investors, Jon Smith Subs offers franchisees full in-house SBA loans with only 20%-25% down. This financial assistance extends from location scouting and leasing to the grand opening, making it easier for aspiring entrepreneurs from various backgrounds to enter the franchise business their unparalleled training program empowers new business owners a clear path to success and support that goes beyond their training courses.

Jon Smith Subs’ commitment to quality, innovation, and diversity is making waves in the franchise industry. By offering accessible business loans and fostering a culture of inclusivity, the company is empowering entrepreneurs from all walks of life and shaping the future of franchising. They are currently developing agreements in 16 countries with 250 units going into Canada, 80 slated for the UK and now adding locations in Colombia, and South America. 

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