Elon Musk Twitter future updates

Elon Musk Twitter future updates

Elon Musk has completed his takeover of Twitter, and he has a lot of plans for this platform.

So far, he has delivered on some of his promises. The new verification system is now live, and it is much improved from the previous system. The subscription program is also up and running, and it is already providing a significant revenue boost to Twitter.

However, there are still some areas where Musk has yet to make good on his promises. The most notable of these is in the area of creator monetization. While Twitter has made some progress on this front, it is still lagging behind other platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

This is a key area that Musk needs to focus on if he wants to make Twitter the go-to platform for creators. Until Twitter can offer creators a better monetization solution, it is going to struggle to attract the best and brightest talent.

Musk has shown that he is not afraid to take big risks, and he has the vision to make Twitter the best platform it can be. Now he just needs to follow through on his promises and deliver on the potential of this platform.

Here is a list of things Musk has announced that’s coming to Twitter:

1. Tweet editing: This was one of Musk’s earliest requests of Twitter.

2. He wanted a “like” button back in 2015, which Twitter finally delivered in 2016.

3. Following counts: This was another 2015 request from Musk. He wanted to be able to see how many people were following him.

4. Verified accounts: This is something Musk has been pushing for since 2016. He wants a way to verify that people are who they say they are on Twitter.

5. Tweetdeck integration: This was another 2016 request from Musk. He wanted to be able to use Tweetdeck, a popular Twitter tool, with Twitter.

6. Bookmarking tweets: This is a new one from Musk. He wants to be able to bookmark tweets so he can come back to them later.

7. Threading tweets: This is another new one from Musk. He wants to be able to thread tweets so they’re easier to read.

8. A “night mode”: This was another request from 2016 from Musk. He wanted a way to make Twitter easier to read at night.

9. An algorithm that ranks tweets: This is a new one from Musk. He wants Twitter to rank tweets so the best ones are seen first.

10. A “mute” button: This was another request from 2016 from Musk. He wanted a way to mute people or keywords on Twitter.

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