AI: Marketing Made Simple

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AI: Marketing Made Simple

Marketing has always been an industry that can confuse people from the outside looking in. Far be it from the exciting dramas of television shows like Mad Men, the marketing industry as a whole has a lot more research and development than anyone would expect. As a marketer will tell you, it isn’t about finding the product to represent, it’s making that product shine out and stick in people’s minds more than any of its competitors.

It is no wonder then that many businesses have their own marketing teams or departments, and many more outsource to marketing companies in order to get their names out in the industry. Without good marketing, including through newer fields in the form of social media marketing, it seems that any company in the modern era is doomed to fail.

Bearing this in mind: it is no wonder that many companies, particularly small businesses, have considerable amounts of anxiety when it comes to the question of marketing. Are they doing things right? Is it reaching the right people? Are the numbers being properly analyzed and lessons applied? These are the sorts of questions that keep business owners lying awake at night. However, the answer to these anxieties comes from one of the least expected areas: Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence based solutions are a great asset for any company when it comes to marketing and this takes several different forms. Firstly, AI is able to send out things like automated messages and email campaigns to entire contact lists and newsletter recipients automatically, without the risk of human error forgetting some of the intended recipients or double sending the messages, much to the annoyance of those who click their emails.

Secondly, AI is able to analyze the important details of marketing campaigns that can be overlooked or lost in the vast streams of data. Outreach, views, and user interaction, and these analytics are important to any campaign’s success. This importance is magnified due to social media’s growing importance in the field. Understanding where the main audience for a product is located is critical to the retention of a consumer base, and equally as critical is understanding where the most growth in a new audience is taking place so as to continue to grow the overall population of product consumers. AI solutions are able to take these vast streams of data and properly analyze it in a fraction of the time that traditional methods take while presenting it in an easy-to-understand and utilize fashion that any novice in marketing can take advantage of.

This is the last and most important factor that AI brings to the marketing table: it makes things simple. No longer is marketing a complicated field that experts control. No longer do small businesses need to worry about if their social media campaign is successfully reaching enough people to make a difference. AI is able to present tools for success to any level of business owner and it is this advantage that will prove to be the most important for up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the years ahead.

Social Media, which itself can be a confusing factor for many growing companies can be easily utilized when AI solutions are used. Again tapping into the analytics, AI is able to send out messages with lightning speed and determine which ones are getting interested without having to wait for a person to examine it. Human error is removed from the equation in an easy way, making any person or business able to take advantage of the diverse field of social media.

Entire campaigns can be deployed and analyzed at will through AI solutions. Marketing drives that once took weeks to create in-house or large sums of money to have created through a specialized company can now be created with ease. AI provides an avenue for any company to take matters into their own hands and create their product in addition to the advertising needed to get it into the public’s consciousness.

AI is a game changer because it makes what was once an extremely complicated industry into something that any business is able to advance into and leverage for its success. The Digital Era has built on generations of forward-thinking and independent mindsets that are a hallmark of any growing business. It is clear that Artificial Intelligence will build on this even further and help usher in a new era of marketing success.

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