Biden’s 2024 Prospects: Job Ratings, Age Concerns, and Political Landscape

Biden’s 2024 Prospects: Job Ratings, Age Concerns, and Political Landscape

President Joe Biden faces a challenging political landscape as his job ratings remain persistently low. According to a recent CNN Poll conducted by SSRS, his approval ratings have hovered below the mid-40s, reminiscent of Trump’s standing in 2019. These ratings lag significantly behind those of past presidents like Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton at this stage ahead of their re-election campaigns.

Concerns about Age and Competence

One of the most prominent concerns surrounding Biden’s candidacy is his age. A significant 73% of Americans express serious concerns about how Biden’s age might affect his current level of physical and mental competence. Moreover, 76% doubt his ability to serve out another full term if re-elected. These apprehensions are further amplified among those younger than 45.

Public Perception and Favorability

Public perceptions of Biden are marked by negativity, with 58% reporting an unfavorable impression of him. Only 35% view both Biden and Trump favorably. Additionally, confidence in Biden’s capacity to serve effectively as president has dipped to 26%, a 6-point decrease since March.

Democratic Voter Sentiment

While a majority of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters acknowledge Biden’s care for people like them (81%) and approve of his overall job performance (75%), there is a declining belief in his ability to inspire confidence (51%) and effectively serve as president (49%).

Views on Potential Rematch with Trump

In a hypothetical rematch against former President Donald Trump, registered voters are nearly evenly divided. Biden secures majority support among voters of color (58%), college graduates (56%), those under 35 (55%), and women (53%). In contrast, Trump gains majority backing from Whites (53%), men (53%), and voters without a college degree (53%).

Motivations for Voting

Almost 60% of registered voters admit that their vote in a Biden-Trump matchup would largely be influenced by their opinions of Trump. Notably, 30% would vote for Biden primarily to express opposition to Trump, while 29% would vote for Trump in affirmation of their support.

Outlook Against Other GOP Hopefuls

In matchups against various Republican contenders, Biden’s standing remains tenuous. He closely aligns with Ron DeSantis (47% each), Mike Pence (46% Pence, 44% Biden), Tim Scott (46% Scott, 44% Biden), Vivek Ramaswamy (46% Biden, 45% Ramaswamy), and Chris Christie (44% Christie, 42% Biden). However, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley leads Biden with 49% to his 43%.

Voter Motivation in 2024

Presently, Republican and Republican-leaning voters exhibit greater motivation for the 2024 elections (71% extremely motivated) compared to Democratic-aligned voters (61% extremely motivated).

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