Biden Campaign Spotlight on Abortion in 2024 Election Strategy

Biden Campaign Spotlight on Abortion in 2024 Election Strategy

As President Joe Biden sets sights on the 2024 race, his reelection campaign is initiating a digital ad campaign, placing a spotlight on the firm anti-abortion stances of former President Donald Trump and other Republican presidential contenders. This move comes amid challenging poll numbers for President Biden, signaling a need for strategic recalibration.

Abortion-Focused Ad Targets Key States

A targeted digital ad campaign, primarily directed towards women, is set to launch in Florida, coinciding with the state’s Supreme Court deliberations on a challenge to the existing 15-week abortion ban. This particular ad emphasizes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ endorsement of one of the nation’s most stringent abortion restrictions, effectively rendering most abortions illegal after just six weeks. If the 15-week ban garners approval from the high court, the six-week ban would be set in motion.

Expanding Influence: The Ad’s Reach

Beyond Florida, this ad will also feature in two additional states known for their stringent abortion regulations – South Dakota and Iowa. Notably, these states are also scheduled stops for Trump’s campaign events. The digital ad will be broadcast on YouTube and Connected TV. It underscores Trump’s pride in appointing three US Supreme Court justices who played a role in overturning Roe v. Wade, a stance he consistently reiterates on the campaign trail. Additionally, the ad takes aim at South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott for his criticism of certain GOP contenders who are hesitant to endorse a 15-week abortion ban.

The Broader Campaign Strategy

This digital ad buy is a pivotal component of a comprehensive 16-week, $25 million campaign. The Biden campaign is unequivocal in its commitment to safeguarding abortion access, recognizing its significance in rallying support, particularly when juxtaposed with the Republican challenge of balancing a pro-life base and moderate voters.

Trump’s Abortion Narrative: A Delicate Balance

While Trump has been instrumental in the reversal of Roe, he tends to tread lightly on the topic of abortion during his campaign endeavors. Privately, he has expressed frustration with abortion hard-liners, attributing the party’s less-than-satisfactory 2022 midterm results to their approach. Notably, Trump has advised some Republican candidates, such as Tudor Dixon, to adopt a more nuanced discourse on abortion, as Dixon maintained a firm anti-abortion stance without exceptions for rape or incest during her gubernatorial campaign in Michigan.

Trump and DeSantis: Evading Direct Answers

Both Trump and DeSantis often sidestep direct inquiries regarding their stance on a national abortion ban and the specific time frame within a pregnancy when they would endorse such legislation. Although Trump believes in federal intervention to curb abortion, he has refrained from specifying the type of federal legislation he would advocate for in a potential re-election bid. Notably, Trump’s description of the six-week Florida ban as “too harsh” stirred some discontent among anti-abortion activists.

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