A MAGA news network isn't sure if it got duped by an AI version of Trump in a 17-minute call

A MAGA news network isn’t sure if it got duped by an AI version of Trump in a 17-minute call

The founder of a television network has expressed uncertainty regarding the authenticity of a recent interview with “Trump.” During a call-in segment on Real America’s Voice, the caller’s speech sounded distorted and unnatural. Nevertheless, clips from the interview were shared on Trump’s Truth Social account, and the interviewer remains confident that it was indeed a genuine interaction.

According to The Daily Beast, the founder of a news network supportive of Trump has indicated the necessity for an internal investigation to determine if their hosts unwittingly conducted an interview with an AI instead of the actual former President, Donald Trump.

The interview was aired by Real America’s Voice, featuring hosts John Solomon and Amanda Head, and it involved “Trump” reiterating well-known talking points, including allegations of President Joe Biden’s corruption and claims of a vast conspiracy surrounding the legal cases against him.

Nevertheless, the voice in the interview exhibits glitches, with multiple interruptions and disruptions in the audio.

On Rumble, the video platform where the complete interview remains accessible, numerous commenters immediately raised doubts.

One commenter remarked, “Doesn’t sound like my President ??????” Another individual pointed out, “That sounds nothing like Trump. He is slurring his words. The cadence is wrong. The diction is wrong. The tone is wrong.”

Yet another commenter expressed skepticism, saying, “His cadence is off; it sounds like AI.”

The network’s founder, Robert J. Sigg, shared these concerns. When contacted by The Daily Beast, he suggested that it sounded “like ChatGOP,” making a play on words referring to the OpenAI chatbot, ChatGPT. He then conveyed that the network needed to conduct an investigation to ascertain the authenticity of the interview.

Solomon strongly affirmed the authenticity of the interview, asserting that he had arranged it through communication with Trump’s staff. Trump has participated in numerous legitimate phone-in interviews throughout the years, and he has increasingly shown a preference for smaller media outlets that offer unwavering support.

Solomon mentioned that he had pre-discussed topics with Trump’s team and contacted them at the correct location. He stated unequivocally to The Daily Beast, “It’s not AI; it was President Trump. You can reach out to the staff and verify it for yourself. There is absolutely no doubt that it was President Trump.”

A representative for Trump did not promptly respond to Insider’s request for comment, which was sent outside of regular working hours. As of early Friday, there appeared to be no public comments from Trump’s staff regarding the authenticity of the interview.

Nonetheless, on Truth Social, the account of the former president posted a brief clip.

Real America’s Voice is a right-leaning media outlet with streaming, cable, and satellite presence, and it has promoted narratives associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory and false assertions about widespread fraud in the 2020 election.

Numerous AI-driven impersonations of Trump are accessible online, and there have been instances of digitally simulating his voice in the past.

In July, a super PAC supporting Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign confirmed to Insider that it had utilized “technology” to replicate the former president’s voice in an advertisement, enabling the articulation of words he had shared on Truth Social.

Insider’s inquiries made outside of regular hours for comments were not promptly addressed by representatives from Real America’s Voice and its parent company, Performance One Media LLC.

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