Scam Alert: Defenders Northwest LLC and Owners Accused of Land Rover Restoration Fraud in Washington State

Scam Alert: Defenders Northwest LLC and Owners Accused of Land Rover Restoration Fraud in Washington State

The vintage car restoration industry has been hit by a scandal involving the alleged fraudulent activities of Defenders Northwest LLC and its owners, Brian and Michele Hall, of Gig Harbor, Washington. Multiple lawsuits have been filed against the couple(Youtube Video link), who are accused of importing and selling illegal Land Rover Defender parts, taking on restoration projects and then stealing customers’ cars and money, and using fake liens and fees to intimidate customers. They are also accused of resorting to online harassment when their other tactics failed.

The Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender, a popular and rugged vehicle, was sold in the US from the 1990s to 1997. Changes to safety regulations later required the addition of side-impact door beams and front-seat airbags, which Land Rover (now owned by an Indian conglomerate) did not install on the low-production Defenders. The vehicle remains in high demand today, but its long production run and cosmetic similarities make it difficult to distinguish between legal and illegal models. Some restoration shops have taken advantage of this to offer services that violate state and federal laws.

Defenders Northwest LLC and its owners, Brian and Michele Hall, of Gig Harbor, Washington

The Defenders Northwest case has led to calls for improved regulations and uniform rules in the vintage car restoration industry. The Halls and their company have been the subject of numerous articles warning consumers to be cautious when choosing a mechanic for their vintage vehicles.

According to legal documents, the Halls and their company not only imported gray market and illegal Defender parts, but also scammed customers through their restoration projects. They are accused of using fraudulent invoices, staging burglaries and vandalism incidents, and making up excuses for why customers’ vehicles were not being delivered. The couple is also accused of using their part-time lawyer and consultant to aid in the scheme, which defrauded customers of more than six figures.

The Halls advertised their services through their website and various online forums, auto shows, and social media. Despite their personal bankruptcy, they set up a repair and parts sales shop in Gig Harbor that targeted unsuspecting Land Rover Defender enthusiasts.

In addition to the fraud allegations, the Halls are accused of stealing a vintage Land Rover that they were contracted to restore. They are also accused of using threats and fake liens to intimidate customers and prevent them from going to the authorities or suing. When these tactics failed, they are alleged to have resorted to online harassment.

The ongoing legal case against the Halls and their company has sent shockwaves through the Land Rover Defender community. Customers have come forward with similar stories of being defrauded by the couple, who took their money and vehicles and then made it difficult for them to get their property back.

The situation is made more complicated by the fact that the Land Rover Defender has a devoted following, with many enthusiasts willing to go to great lengths to own and restore one of the vehicles. This can make it easier for fraudulent restoration shops to find customers, as people may be willing to overlook red flags in their eagerness to have their dream car.

It is important for vintage car owners to do their due diligence and thoroughly research any restoration shop they are considering using. This can include checking the company’s reputation, reading reviews, and asking for references. It is also a good idea to get multiple estimates and to be wary of any company that seems too good to be true or that asks for large upfront payments.

The Defenders Northwest case serves as a cautionary tale for vintage car enthusiasts and highlights the need for improved regulation in the restoration industry. Customers who have been defrauded by the Halls and their company are seeking justice through the legal system, and it re

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