On The Verge of the Next Frontier: AI

On The Verge of the Next Frontier: AI

If there is one industry that has never rested on its achievements it is the computer science industry. Ever since the first modern computers were developed in the early 20th century through the use of punch cards, people have looked at computers and wondered how they could make them better.

Then came the personal computers, linked up via a revolutionary idea: the internet. Information literally sent faster than the mind can process. Yet again, people looked at these tools and wondered how they could make it better. Wifi, mobile computing, and smartphones, all these have been steps on the way to the newest ideas. Now yet again we are on the precipice of the next idea coming into the fray, only in a form that few expected.

There have been times in history when people can say that they have witnessed the turn of one of the most important shifts in memory, and we are now at one of these times. The next frontier of scientific development is in sight in the form of AI: Artificial Intelligence.

Far be it from the science fantasy stories that we grew up with, modern-day AI solutions have been created to function on complex algorithms. Meaning that AI runs on a series of true and false equations in order to complete tasks at a rate faster than nearly anyone can understand, much less replicate. In layman’s terms, these AI solutions are able to process, analyze, and perform tasks at a mind-boggling pace.

These AI programs have uses beyond measure but the most important part of their potential comes from the sheer simplicity of their use. From marketing campaigns to sending emails to analyzing and presenting data to a business; AI is able to carry the heavy load of busy work at any business that it is utilized. Through this, employees are cleared to perform the more important tasks at hand that their position demands.

Therefore, to contrary many people’s beliefs, AI isn’t actually taking the place of an employee but is in fact increasing their efficiency by removing the factor of busy and distracting work. The kind of work that exhausts and bores employees, thus making them susceptible to errors through mental fatigue. Undoubtedly this will increase morale and make employees work harder through the work that actually challenges them, not the kind of work that makes them feel mundane as if they were a background character in a movie.

AI is not this all-encompassing Skynet network that is designed to take things away from people. It is another tool that is designed to enhance the abilities of already hardworking employees as well as entrepreneurs who are seeking to further their own reach. Where once resources were stretched thin and businesses and individuals seeking to expand had to count on every minute with little to no hope of expansion, AI has provided an answer.

With an increase in efficiency like this, AI also provides the ability for people and companies to increase their workloads without increasing the strain on their resources that would normally accompany such a change. For the first time in many years, small businesses could do more with less and find success in an age where many people believe the American Dream to be over. Tangible successes can be achieved without having to leverage all of the assets of the company, and AI efficiency allows for goals to be met far before their due dates, again relieving much of the strain that burdens many businesses.

AI technology represents the shifting paradigm of computer science and business technology. The next frontier of development is upon us, and as the world further embraces things like Web3 and the Metaverse; it is more important than ever that people understand exactly what these AI solutions are and how they can leverage them for their own personal and professional successes.

It has often been said that fortune favors the bold and this is abundantly clear with AI. Determination to succeed has always driven the successful entrepreneur and the driven individual regardless of their background. AI is simply the newest tool in the arsenal for those who are committed to reaching their potential in both their professional careers and beyond.

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